UK application assistance

UK visa application assistance

Are You Looking To Study Abroad?

Are you an enthusiast who wants to go abroad to acquire an education? Congratulations because you are getting one step closer to your goal; however, the visa application process can sometimes be challenging due to its complexity and lengthy procedure. We will try to simplify it for you. The type of visa you need to study abroad is a student visa. Different countries have different procedures and requirements for the student visa, and we, as a study abroad agency in Malaysia, will cover the common ones. The student visa allows the student to enter the country, study, and live there as a full-time student. EduQuest Education services provide visa application assistance from the very first step to the last. Following are the steps outlined to help you get a visa: 

enrolment confirmation

Step 1: Enrollment confirmation

You need to apply and receive an offer from the university. Once you accept an offer from the university and make a deposit payment to accept the offer, the university will issue your Confirmation of Enrollment (COE), which will facilitate your Visa application.

prepare documents

Step 2: Prepare documents

Other documents that you may need to have with you depend on the country but can include:

-Finance Requirements
-English Proficiency requires, i.e., IELTS
-Health and character requirements
-Overseas student health cover

UK visa application assistance

Step 3: Start your Visa application

Once you have all the documents ready, a visa application is submitted online. It is not necessary that you need to be in that country to get a visa. The online process is to facilitate the students in the visa application process.

medical checkup

Step 4: Steps after Visa application

Submitting a visa application is not the end. You need to schedule a medical checkup and biometric data collection appointment with the panel clinic and VFS Global Malaysia to facilitate the visa application process and end it.

Funds To Apply For A Student Visa

The visa application is not free. A sum of money as the visa application fee has to be paid. The cost depends on the country you are applying for. This application fee is a one-time payment, and you do not need to pay any charges for the renewal at any time before the visa expires. Other costs that you will have to cover include medical checkups, biometric data collection fees, and English proficiency tests.

visa application assistance

What Can You Do On A Student Visa?

While on the student visa, the student can study, have accommodation, and even work part-time. The part-time working hours depend on the country; for example, Australia allows up to 40 hours per fortnight while the United Kingdom allows 20 hours per week. While you are on a student visa, you can travel out of the country and come back whenever you want; the visa stays valid at any time prior to the expiry date of validity. We understand that the visa application process can be hectic and confusing. At EduQuest, we provide visa application assistance. For example, if you want to be a student in the UK, we will provide UK visa application assistance. The process of getting a student visa for the UK can be demanding. We have a specialized team that can provide UK visa application assistance.

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