Scholarships In Switzerland For International Students

Basic Details About Switzerland

Switzerland has more to offer international students from being renowned for its watches, chocolates, and high living costs. It provides a quality education system to students from across the globe. Moreover, you can get scholarships in Switzerland for international students to help you study without spending a dime there. We at EduQuest Education Services help students to pass through the counseling and application filing process hassle-free. Here’s what you need to know about the country.

  • Location: Switzerland or The Swiss Confederation is one of the beautiful landlocked mountainous countries in Southern Central Europe. It shares its borders with Italy, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, and France.
  • Population: 8,680,000 people
  • Area (in sq. km): 41,284 sq. km
  • Languages Spoken: French, Italian, German, and Romansh
  • Weather: It changes according to the air masses, and mainly four climates affect the country’s climate.
  • Exchange Rate: 1 Swiss Franc = 4.56 Malaysian Ringgit


Types Of Scholarship Offered To International Students

If you want to apply for scholarship in Switzerland, see below a few types of scholarships to help your educational journey as an international student.

  • Research Scholarship: It is available for the research scholars who hold a Master’s degree as the minimum qualification. This scholarship is for students who will be pursuing doctoral or postdoctoral degrees from Swiss Cantonal Universities. But, you need to have an academic mentor.
  • Government Scholarship: The Swiss Excellence Scholarship for International students accepts educational exchange with over 180 countries. This scholarship is available for students who want to pursue doctoral or postdoctoral degrees. It will cover your monthly payment, health insurance, tuition fee, housing allowance, and airfare.
  • Art Scholarship: This scholarship helps art students to pursue the initial Master’s degree in Switzerland. Any of the University of Arts or the Swiss Conservatory offers it. However, only a limited number of students can avail it.
  • Non-Governmental Scholarships: You can get a grant of over CHF 60,000 from any of the 13 universities that award scholarships directly to international students. These universities are the University of Lausanne, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Graduate Institutes, University of Bern, etc.


Eligibility Criteria

  • Must certify that you are an international student
  • Possess a good knowledge of English Language
  • If you are coming here for doctoral or postdoctoral programs, you must have the Master’s degree
  • If you do not qualify with your certificates, then you can take the University Entrance Examination too.
  • When you have chosen the program and picked the university, prepare documents like a copy of passport, fully filled application form, language proficiency certificate, CV, motivation letter, and other documents necessary for getting the scholarship.
  • You can even reach out to service providers like EduQuest Education Services to get scholarships in Switzerland for international students.


Steps To Apply 

Below are the informative steps to apply for scholarship in Switzerland by international students.

  • For submission of proposals for getting the Swiss scholarship, get the application package from the Swiss representation.
  • Submit your documents before the provided deadline. The date may differ from one country to another.
  • The Federal Commission will carry out the selection procedure for the scholarship.
  • The scholarship starts after you will receive your recommendation letter from the host institution.

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Featuring Universities & Colleges

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